Interview with REAL50 Team

Today we are interviewing “Paoo Jaan Creator of REAL50” at REVIEWFYE, we have a genuine interest in the MLM & Work from home industry and a desire to provide the public with relevant and accurate information, news and company reviews.

Q- What is the first thought come in mind when you decided to create REAL50?

A- Well we all are in need of money, some need it to fulfill there basic need, some want to help society by their creative ideas, some has the desire to travel the world to share their experience of countries we hate or love.

So how do we get money for all those needs, if we ask bank they charge interest on the money we deposit in banks if we ask our friends and family they also have limitations.

When you ask money from someone they always need something in return. But you can’t assure a 100% return, as you are not sure about how future.

So we need a system where people get assurance, that if they are helping you, they also will get it. It’s not an easy process so you can’t do it without an Artificial intelligence system.

So that’s who we got motivated to create a process on Mobius Loop theory which ensures a recycle of everything without any error or manipulation.

Q- So how it’s different from Go fund me or other conventional Crowdfunding platforms?

A- Well Go fund me or other platforms are business they charge a huge amount or cut from your collected donations and the main problem is all the donations are collected by them so everyone dependent on them. Its centralized process which we need to change, REAL50 platform is decentralized, we do not collect any donations, all of the donations are send or receive directions to the campaign creator’s bank account, so no waiting for funds and no any changes.

Q- What are the risks for end user?

A- That’s the beauty of this platform, no any kind of risk involved for the end user as they are not paying any donations to us, all the donations are going directly to the campaign creator’s banks accounts. All of the information about the campaign and the creator, everything is 100% transparent and secure.

Q- How can it help society?

A- Societies were built in order to connect and help each other, otherwise, there is no need of a society, but as time changed we have forgotten the actual meaning of living in a society. With REAL50 we are trying to connect again so that everyone can help each other in order to keep balance in society.

Q- What is your expectations from this platform?

Well when we create something with all the love and passion, we always expect high, but as there are many false platforms happening around us, we are ready to give some time to the end users to see how REAL50 growing and helping people around us, I hope people will love it and become part of REAL50 Society.

Thanks, Paao for all the valuable information, hope your platform will get success and millions of people around the world will get benefited from it. After listening to you I am 100% convinced, that it will be a long success for you and your team with the people & society.

Thank Alix have a nice day

So it was interview of Paoo Jaan the creator of REAL50 

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