Top 3 Strategies to Earn More Affiliate Commissions With YouTube in 2019

I’ve started my journey in online marketing years ago with SEO when this practice was the real deal.

It was 2008, and there were no Facebook or Twitter yet. Nonetheless, YouTube wasn’t the ‘free traffic’ machine of today.

Fast forward to 2019, there are no better marketing channels than YouTube that can get you a reliable and high-quality amount of free traffic to your site or to affiliate offers.

Yet, despite the platform from Google seems flooded by new ‘youtubers’ every day, there is still huge space in every niche to take over and earn more affiliate commissions in 2019.

The reason is simple: most people are and will be camera shy. But that’s is not a problem, you can still make relevant numbers without showing your face.

I will explain how in this article. Keep reading!

Why YouTube?

In many ways, YouTube is very similar to SEO, and no wonders it became one of the most relevant search engine on the web.

Despite the fact that many users simply consider it as a source of entertainment, a huge chunk of the Internet world prefers to watch videos instead of reading articles because they’re usually easier to follow.

Using video is also a fantastic opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs. If enticing people to click on an affiliate offer can be relatively straightforward on a blog post as you just need to add a button. By creating a video you will have an opportunity to actually create trust with your followers, and people will be more inclined to click.

As human beings we naturally detect when someone is being sleazy or not coherent with what he’s saying, that’s why we trust more to see a person speaking than written words because they don’t give us the same emotional power.

If you really don’t like to show your face on the Internet, you can still use your voice over a screen with free software like Loom or Zoom.

If you consider also that the average session of a YouTube user is 40 minutes, it means that YouTube constitutes one of the best, if not the best opportunity in 2019 for affiliate marketers.

Keep reading to discover the best strategies to get more views, subscribers, and affiliate commissions in 2019 with YouTube.

Use The Right Keywords

Using the right keywords it’s the most important factor when it comes to creating your YouTube videos, as it will make or break the success of your videos.

When you look for keywords you can use free tools like Ubersuggest to check the popularity and the value of each one you’ve picked.

Something I’ve learned working with my clients on their YouTube channels is that you, differently from how you will do through SEO, you don’t want to start by targeting low-competition keywords.

Instead, you want to go for the best and most competitive keywords from day one.

It might sound counterintuitive but YouTube is not Google. The vast majority of the video views you’re going to get are going to be from the “Suggestions” tab on the right side of each video, not from searches.

If you don’t create content around these keywords you’re not going to be suggested.

Keep Your Video Between 7 to 18 Minutes

YouTube’s algorithm makes the highest quality video wins. And the highest quality for the platform means how much time a person is able to keep the user on the video so that YouTube can later show more ads to that user.

The ideal spot I’ve found by working with my clients is keeping videos between 7 to 18 minutes so that they’re long enough to keep a person on the video without getting them bored.

Track Everything (Especially Your Links)

The only thing that made me resistant to start using YouTube for affiliate marketing was the fact that I didn’t control the website and the whole analytics of the page.

This means that if you’re using YouTube for affiliate you need to use a link tracking software so that you can get not only analytics on who is clicking on your links such as demographics that you would otherwise lose , but you can also retarget all the link clickers on other platforms so that you can get promote other affiliate offers or let them opt-in on your email list.

When Possible, Take The E-Mail

The fact that you don’t control the platform give you another opportunity to beat your competitors and take advantage of YouTube.

Your YouTube rankings might fluctuate, but as long as you’re capturing the e-mail of your video viewers you’re going to be fine because you’ll be sure that you’re working to build something that you can always have control in the future, no matter what will happen to your YouTube videos.

To do that, you’ll need to create a high-converting landing page with a message that can resonate with your visitors.

Reach out later through an email autoresponder to your subscribers so that you can create an even stronger relationship with them and nurture it alongside different platforms.


YouTube has all the criteria to become your next big thing to earn more affiliate commissions in 2019. Not only will provide you more trust with your followers, even if you were just blogging before, but it can become your primary source of high-quality and reliable free traffic.

I personally make a huge chunk of my affiliate revenues from YouTube these days, and for many of my friends in the industry, it became their first revenue source thanks to the strategies that I’ve outlined in the article.

Curious, are you already active on YouTube? Comment below

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