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Weenzee Ponzi scheme collapses, website offline

Sometime over the past 24 hours the Weenzee Ponzi scheme collapsed.

Since then the company’s admins have done a runner and pulled Weenzee’s website offline.

Weenzee’s business model saw affiliates invest in worthless WNZ Ponzi points.

Weenzee set an arbitrary internal WNZ point value, which in theory would allow Weenzee affiliates to eventually withdraw more than they initially invested.

The MLM side of the business saw affiliate investors paid to recruit new affiliates, making Weenzee a Ponzi pyramid hybrid.

Who exactly ran Weenzee is unclear, but signs pointed to either eastern European or Asian scammers.

There is also the possibility that multiple groups from these regions were working together.

Weenzee’s victims appear to primarily be from Brazil, although there was also some activity in Iran.

In the aftermath of the collapse, Weenzee’s social media accounts have all been deleted.

It is unlikely Brazilian authorities will pursue the matter, meaning for most Weenzee investors the collapse is yet another “sorry for your loss” lesson.

Sadly, it’s probably one most of them aren’t going to learn from.

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